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How to identify 1812 encapsulated 1.1A 16V patch recoverable fuse removal tool





  When it comes to identifying fuses, the most direct method is to check the silk screen of the fuse. The Shenzhen brand 1812 encapsulates a 1.1A 16V fuse with a corresponding model of ASMD1812-110-16V. The fuse corresponding to this encapsulation current value has a conventional voltage value of 8V ASMD1812-110, a voltage value of 24V ASMD1812-110-24V, and a special voltage value of 33V ASMD1812-110-33V. The silk screen of these models above is all 110, so some people may ask, how do I distinguish fuses with the same current value but no voltage value in the same package? The voltage value we mentioned above is actually the maximum voltage that the fuse can withstand, and we need to remove the detection tool to detect the maximum voltage of the fuse.

  Let's learn about some other important parameters of the 1812 encapsulated 1.1A 16V patch recoverable fuse. The ASMD1812-110-16 fuse is a patch type recoverable fuse with a rated current of 1.1A, capable of withstanding a maximum voltage of 16V, a maximum overload current of 100A, and a minimum operating current of 2.20A at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The power generated by the fuse in a circuit without any action is 0.8W. Let's take a look at a classic current value of this model of fuse. When the current is 8A, the fuse can maintain 0.3S without melting. In a normal working circuit, the starting zero power resistance of this type of fuse is 0.045 Ω, and the maximum resistance is 0.25 Ω after 1 hour of operation. The normal operating temperature range is -40 ℃~+85 ℃.

  The size specifications of the 1812 encapsulated 1.1A 16V patch recoverable fuse are: length: 4.37mm~4.73mm; Width: 3.07mm~3.41mm; Thickness: 0.50mm~1.10mm. The packaging method for this model of patch recoverable fuse is reel packaging, with a packaging quantity of 1500 pieces per roll.

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How to identify 1812 encapsulated 1.1A 16V patch recoverable fuse removal tool

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