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Specifications and parameters of 2.5A 6V plug-in fuse.blade knife fuse fuse





  Insert type fuses can be divided into A6, A16, A30, A60, A72, A240, A250, and A600 according to voltage. Their maximum voltages are 6V, 16V, 30V, 60V, 72V, 240V, 250V, and 600V, respectively. The corresponding model of the 2.5A 6V plug-in fuse is A6-250. This model is a fast fusing recoverable fuse. The maximum current of this part number is 40A, the maintenance current is 2.5A, the operating current is 5.0A, and the power generated during operation is 1.2W. The minimum internal resistance is 0.022 Ω, and the maximum internal resistance is 0.08 Ω. The operating range of plug-in fuses in this series is -40 ℃~+85 ℃. The A6-250 plug-in fuse has a square curved foot shape, with a maximum width of 11.4mm, a maximum height of 18.3mm, a foot pitch of 5.1 ± 0.5mm, a minimum foot length of 7.6mm, and a maximum thickness of 3.0mm. There are two packaging methods for A6-250 plug-in fuses: one is ribbon packaging, with a quantity of 3000 pieces per ribbon, and the other is bag packaging, with 500 pieces per bag.

  The A6 series plug-in self recovery fuse is designed to provide resettable overcurrent protection and can be used in various electronic applications, providing an ideal solution for USB protection. The fuse of this part number complies with RoHS, lead-free and halogen-free standards, and is designed to provide overcurrent protection for computers and peripheral devices, USB applications, electronic products, etc.

  The A6-250 plug-in fuse can replace the RUSBF250 of the Juding brand, achieving the functionality of RUSBF250 in terms of performance and being much more affordable than RUSBF250 in terms of price. Shenzhen has been specializing in the production and sales of fuses for over ten years. Our professional production process and first-class high-quality service team provide overcurrent and overvoltage protection for your products, ensuring their safety and security!

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