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motor thermostat vs thermistor.Knowledge of overcurrent and overvoltage protectors





  With the development of electronic technology and the upgrading of electronic products, the requirements for reliability and safety of power electronic products are increasing day by day. How many users are troubled by issues such as electrical leakage, burning of computer hosts, and explosion of mobile phones, and how many products have been delayed from being launched due to failure to pass safety testing. The diversification and complexity of problems have led to the rapid development of circuit protection components, and today's protection devices have developed into a diverse emerging field of electronic components.

  Faced with such a complex and diverse field, we have many questions. What is the development trend of protective devices? What parameters should application engineers choose appropriate protective devices based on?

  What factors should be considered in circuit design? How to handle failure analysis when encountering a faulty machine? In response to these issues, Wanrui and the product managers of electronic protection devices have summarized their decades of experience in the industry: the top ten elements of small fuses, the conditions that good fuses should meet, and the six elements that affect fuse performance; Interpret the development, selection, and application of overcurrent protection devices based on issues such as the selection of TVS electrostatic protection and filtering devices, the selection of inter pole capacitors, and the application of high-power TVS.

  The trend of setting overvoltage and overcurrent protection components is increasing in various electronic products, mainly driven by the following aspects:

  1. The functionality and integration of ICs are becoming increasingly strong, and protection needs to be strengthened;

  2. The working voltage of semiconductor components and ICs is decreasing, and their ability to withstand overcurrent/overvoltage needs to meet new protection requirements;

  3. Consumer electronic products require battery modules as power sources, and protective components must be installed in both battery modules and battery chargers;

  4. The working conditions of electronic devices in high-end cars are more severe than those of general electronic products. In the power adapters matched with these electronic devices, it is generally necessary to install both overcurrent and overvoltage protection components simultaneously; In terms of power/electronic products, it is necessary to prevent lightning strikes and interference between power and telephone lines to ensure normal communication and user safety.

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