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surface mount fuse manufacturer.Application of Self Recovery Fuses in Overcurrent Protection of Electronic Ballasts





  Electronic ballast fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are recognized as green lighting products promoted by national policies. They not only have significant energy-saving effects (80% energy-saving compared to incandescent lamps and 50% energy-saving compared to inductive ballasts), but also have many obvious advantages such as high light efficiency, no flicker, good color rendering, uniform light distribution, and no eye burns; However, some electronic ballasts also have the disadvantage of high failure rates.

  Electronic ballasts can be damaged due to poor contact at the fluorescent lamp pins, blackening at one end of the lamp tube, breakage of the lamp tube, broken filament, and deactivation of the lamp tube.

  This is not only strictly prohibited by the national standard GB15143, but also endangers personal and property safety. At the same time, GB15143-94 "11, 14" and GB15144-94 "5.13" sections provide abnormal state tests for electronic rectifiers, including lamp open circuit, cathode damage, deactivation, rectification effect, etc. They also strictly stipulate that electronic ballasts must not experience safety faults and can operate normally after the above tests.

  This is the biggest headache for manufacturers and design engineers.

  To solve the above problems, we recommend using BDTFUSE self recovery fuse for overload protection, and using BDTFUSE self recovery fuse for abnormal state protection circuit of electronic ballast. Only one component (BDTFUSE) is needed, which is connected in series next to the starting capacitor of the electronic ballast, with fewer components, low cost, and less PCB space occupied.

  When the lamp tube is normal, after the electronic ballast is powered on, the resonant circuit composed of inductance, capacitance, and BDTFUSE self recovery fuse enables the fluorescent lamp to start and work normally. If the lamp tube is deactivated due to filament aging or air leakage, the BDTFUSE self recovery fuse will act within a few seconds, forcing the LC series resonant circuit to stop vibrating, thereby cutting off the high voltage and protecting the switching devices in the inverter.

  The advantages of this protection method are currently recognized by many electronic ballast manufacturers. The BDTFUSE series of electronic ballast dedicated BDTFUSE self recovery fuses can still maintain the normal operation of the fluorescent lamp even in a high temperature environment of 70 ℃, while also ensuring good protection characteristics at room temperature; On the other hand, even after multiple or long periods of protection, the BDTFUSE self recovery fuse can still maintain very stable performance.

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