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mini cooper fuse box factory mini cooper fuse box factory

mini cooper fuse box factory

surface mount fuse identification.Guidelines for selecting self restoring fuses and disposable fuses





  How to choose between traditional disposable fuses and self restoring fuses, as there are significant differences between these two components? Next, we will provide a detailed introduction to the advantages of these two types of fuses, making it easier for everyone to better understand these two products and choose the fuse they need.

  Many designs such as computers, peripheral devices, and portable devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.) require the use of self recovery fuses because the self recovery function provided by self recovery fuses is more suitable for use. If ordinary disposable fuses are used, they need to be replaced every time the circuit is abnormal or overloaded, and replacing fuses for these products is very troublesome. Therefore, using self restoring fuses on these products can not only protect the product's service life, but also improve usage efficiency.home energy storage system battery

  The principle of self restoring fuses is to limit potentially harmful overload currents within a safe range. Specifically, excessive current flowing through the device can lead to an increase in internal heat (I2R), resulting in the heating of the self-healing fuse and an increase in its resistance. Before overheating occurs, the self recovery fuse resistance usually only accounts for a small portion of the total impedance of the circuit. The increase in resistance of polymer self recovery fuses has nonlinear characteristics, and such relatively large resistance will reduce or limit the current in the circuit to a safe range. The heat generated by the limited current with higher resistance will maintain the temperature of the self recovery fuse at a high level, resulting in high resistance. The thermal balance condition will always be maintained until the circuit loses power, the self recovery fuse gradually cools down, and the resistance value decreases. The basic principle of the self recovery function of a self recovery fuse is that an increase in temperature will lead to an increase in resistance, and vice versa. Self recovery fuses achieve self recovery or return to a low resistance state by removing power from the circuit, thereby reducing the temperature of the device. Afterwards, the component can respond to future overloads at any time. If the root cause of the overcurrent problem is eliminated, the resistance will remain low; But when overcurrent occurs again, the device will switch back to a high resistance state.

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