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What are the types of fuse boxes.automotive blade fuse dimensions





  A fuse box refers to a box (also known as a fuse holder) that allows for dry installation of fuses. Some also have functional features such as waterproofing, fire resistance, and high temperature resistance (depending on different raw materials and shapes). The general injection molding materials for fuse boxes include plastic, nylon, bakelite, and PBT engineering plastics. Different raw materials have varying degrees of high temperature resistance. When selecting a fuse box, consideration should be given to the current and size requirements of the fuse used. The higher the fuse current, the larger the wires should be used to match the fuse box, otherwise it may cause the fuse box and wires to heat up and cause a fire.

  Fuse boxes can be divided into lead fuse boxes and automotive fuse boxes.

  The classification of fuse boxes can be divided into fuse boxes and fuse boxes based on the classification of device fuses.

  According to fuse subdivision, it can be divided into large fuse boxes, medium fuse boxes, and small fuse boxes.

  According to raw materials, it is divided into plastic fuse boxes and bakelite fuse boxes.

  According to environmental protection, it is divided into environmentally friendly fuse boxes and non environmentally friendly fuse boxes.

  According to the device method, it can be divided into lead fuse boxes and circuit board fuse boxes, with the outer panel equipped with a fuse box.

  The lead fuse box includes (appropriate fuse tube size): 5x20mm fuse box and 6x30mm fuse box.

  Car fuse box (suitable for fuse rulers): small plug fuse box, medium plug fuse box, large plug fuse box.

  The selection of a fuse box mainly depends on its size, and then on whether its fire resistance rating can meet the requirements, as well as the appropriate size and current (A) of the fuse tube. Generally, 6x30mm fuse boxes and plug-in fuse boxes are suitable for high currents (generally referred to as high currents above 15A), and important wires are above 16AWG (1.5 square meters).

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