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We have been invited to attend the 2023 Annual Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Technology Standardization Conference.





  In order to enable a broader participation of low-voltage electrical appliance professionals in standardization work, to understand standardization policies and trends, the National Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Standards Committee is organizing a series of events for the 2023 Annual Standardization Conference and Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Technology Conference from September 24th to 26th in XIAN.

  In 2023, under the leadership of the higher authorities and the joint efforts of various committee members, the National Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Standards Committee actively organized and carried out various standardization activities, achieving fruitful results: earnestly implementing the National Standardization Development Outline, in accordance with the new version of the "National Standard Management Measures," focusing on the construction of the new standard system for distribution and utilization of electrical equipment and systems, and emphasizing the research and formulation of professional and cross-disciplinary technical standards. They organized specialized training, advanced technology seminars, and various standardization activities, promptly communicated international standardization developments, guided product transformation towards green, low-carbon, digital, networked, and intelligent directions with standards, and supported technological reform and innovation in low-voltage electrical appliances.


  During this conference, our company's attendees are Mr. Huang Qi Bo, the Chairman, and Mr. Jock Li, the Vice General Manager. As a member of the National Fuse Standardization Technical Committee's Sub-Technical Committee for Miniature Fuses, Mr. Huang Qi Bo has been invited to participate in standardization work meetings held by various units on multiple occasions and has also been involved in the revision of national and industry standards. We believe that through participation in this conference, XuCheng Electronics(Shenzhen)Corp.,LTD will gain a deeper understanding of the development trends in the fuse industry and have clearer goals for the future."home energy storage system battery

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