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Application Fields and Development of Small Fuses.smd resettable fuse





  The demand for the use of small fuses in the market is increasing. Small fuses have smaller internal resistance, more diverse fusing characteristics, stronger breaking ability, recoverable, and multiple line arrays, intelligent functions, and multifunctional integrated components or modules, which can be used for overload protection in many products to meet the diverse circuit protection needs of terminal products. Especially small patch fuses, as a new type of component, are suitable for various electronic products with compact structure and small volume. Based on current data, the application fields of small fuses include:

  1. Communication field

  Overpower protection for mobile phone chargers, switching power supplies, LCD screens, as well as routers, modems, network cards, etc. around the network.

  2. Computer field

  Computer motherboards, hard drives, and various components require the use of small fuses, especially disposable and recoverable fuses. They are widely used in office equipment such as printers, scanners, and copiers around computers.

  3. Home appliance industry

  Such as washing machines, microwave ovens, soybean milk machines, induction cookers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans, televisions, etc.

  4. Digital electronics field

  Digital cameras, handheld computers, PDAs, electronic translation machines, electronic game consoles, multimedia players, learning, and various new digital electronic products.

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