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December 25,2023

plastic fuse box under stairs.Precautions for the application of self restoring fuses

    Easy to install:  The WH self resetting overcurrent protector has no polarity and can be connected in series to the circuit that needs protection. It is not only widely used, but also safe and reliable.  Reuse:  After cutting off the power and troubleshooting, it automatically returns to normal state without the need for manual replacement and can be reused.  Improving quality:  It can improve the quality of customer products, greatly reduce the natural damage rate of finished products, and greatly extend the service life of products.  No reconnection:  Under fault conditions, the faulty circuit will not be reconnected (other protective circuits, bimetallic plates, etc. will be repeatedly reconnected to expand the fault range).  Add highlights:  Due to the addition of high-tech elements, it can add new shining points to customer products, making vulnerable circuits no longer fragile.  Reduce costs:  Reduce the number of components, PCB area, and damage during operation compared to

December 18,2023

plug socket blown fuse.Repair Methods for Fuses -0805 Fuses

    The fuse is broken, can you replace it yourself? There are two types of color TV fuses, severe and mild. Slight, refers to a slight blown fuse, usually replaced with a new one. Severe refers to the metal inside the fuse being burned to pieces or blackened out. If you replace it with a good fuse at this time, you will see the fuse light up as soon as you turn it on and immediately burn it out. As soon as the machine is turned on, the fuse will burn out. Therefore, the voltage measurement method with a universal meter cannot be used for maintenance, and only the resistance measurement method with a universal meter can be used for maintenance.  The cause of severe fuse burning is often due to a short circuit or variable value in one or at most two parts of the circuit. The faulty parts are in the circuit after the fuse, mostly in demagnetization circuits, 220 rectifier circuits, and switching tubes.  Based on the above knowledge of color TV fuses, the repair methods for color TV fuses

December 11,2023

motorcycle fuse box design.​6V fuse

  The product variety is diverse and the specifications are complete, mainly including various series such as overcurrent protection components (PPTC) mounting, pins, rings, long bars, etc. The advanced, efficient and experienced manufacturing team can meet the dynamic delivery requirements of the current rapid development of the manufacturing industry.  In recent years, with the rapid development of fuse PPTC technology and market demand, our company has established a factory with independent chips and developed and produced a large number of SMT fuses and direct insertion fuse production lines in various packaging forms, such as 1812-1206-1210-0805-2920-0603 direct insertion fuse 16V 30V 60V 72V 90V 250V;  Our company has excellent equipment, abides by the contract, delivers on time, and offers reasonable prices, with the aim of "honesty and trustworthiness, innovation, perfect quality, and customer satisfaction". Welcome customers to call, write inquiries, and contact us! We are wil

December 08,2023

motor thermostat vs thermistor.Knowledge of overcurrent and overvoltage protectors

    With the development of electronic technology and the upgrading of electronic products, the requirements for reliability and safety of power electronic products are increasing day by day. How many users are troubled by issues such as electrical leakage, burning of computer hosts, and explosion of mobile phones, and how many products have been delayed from being launched due to failure to pass safety testing. The diversification and complexity of problems have led to the rapid development of circuit protection components, and today's protection devices have developed into a diverse emerging field of electronic components.  Faced with such a complex and diverse field, we have many questions. What is the development trend of protective devices? What parameters should application engineers choose appropriate protective devices based on?  What factors should be considered in circuit design? How to handle failure analysis when encountering a faulty machine? In response to these issues, W

December 06,2023

mini vs micro blade fuse.Development of SMD chip fuse market

    SMD chip fuses have been very popular in the domestic market in recent years, and they are on par with plug-in fuses. However, due to their small size and other advantages, SMD chip fuses have gradually occupied a place in daily life. Now, I will briefly explain the market prospects of SMD chip fuses.  In its over 100 year history, small fuses have gone through multiple stages of development, including cylindrical, plug-in, axial or radial pin types. The surface mount fuse, which emerged in the 1990s, has developed to account for nearly 30% of the overall small fuse application market in less than 20 years, and is continuously expanding, replacing other traditional forms of fuses, indicating its strong vitality.  With the vigorous development of the electronic industry, the small fuse market is showing a continuous growth trend, especially in 2015, where the development momentum is encouraging. The development of surface mount fuses is increasing day by day, accounting for one-thir

December 05,2023

tv fuse replacement cost.Basic Knowledge of Chip Fuses

    Firstly, understand the function of fuses: Place the circuit fuse correctly. Then, the fuse will rise to a certain height and after a certain period of time, the fuse will cut off the current, thus protecting the operation of the circuit. The principle of patch fuses is the same, but the style is different. Below, we will have a detailed understanding:  Chip fuses are mainly used in electronic products such as digital cameras, laptops, and smartphones. Due to differences in product technology, the selection focus varies from traditional glass tube fuses to micro fuses and chip fuses. The selection of chip fuses involves the following factors:  The normal operating current of the circuit. The working current through the fuse should not exceed 70% of the rated current of the fuse.  Pulse, surge current, surge current, starting current, and circuit transient. Chip fuses pay special attention to the following facts: due to the small process size, the impact resistance of chip fuses is

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