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plastic fuse box under stairs.Precautions for the application of self restoring fuses





  Easy to install:

  The WH self resetting overcurrent protector has no polarity and can be connected in series to the circuit that needs protection. It is not only widely used, but also safe and reliable.


  After cutting off the power and troubleshooting, it automatically returns to normal state without the need for manual replacement and can be reused.

  Improving quality:

  It can improve the quality of customer products, greatly reduce the natural damage rate of finished products, and greatly extend the service life of products.

  No reconnection:

  Under fault conditions, the faulty circuit will not be reconnected (other protective circuits, bimetallic plates, etc. will be repeatedly reconnected to expand the fault range).

  Add highlights:

  Due to the addition of high-tech elements, it can add new shining points to customer products, making vulnerable circuits no longer fragile.

  Reduce costs:

  Reduce the number of components, PCB area, and damage during operation compared to other protective circuits. Reduce defect rate and after-sales service costs.

  Enhance reputation:

  Can enhance the reputation of customer companies and the market competitiveness of products.

  Efficiency improvement:

  Can improve the design efficiency of engineers and the accuracy and reliability of protection

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