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Use and maintenance of fuses and fuses.resettable fuse datasheet





  1. When the melt melts, it is necessary to carefully analyze the reasons for the melting, which may include:

  (1) Normal fusing due to short circuit fault or overload operation;

  (2) If the melt is used for too long, it may break due to oxidation or high temperature during operation, resulting in changes in the characteristics of the melt;

  (3) There is mechanical damage during the installation of the melt, which reduces its cross-sectional area and causes accidental disconnection during operation.

  2. When replacing the melt, it is required to:

  (1) Before installing a new melt, it is necessary to identify the cause of melt melting. If the cause of melting is not determined, do not replace the melt for trial delivery;

  (2) When replacing a new melt, check whether the rated value of the melt matches the protected equipment;

  (3) When replacing a new melt, it is necessary to check the internal burn condition of the fuse tube. If there are severe burns, the fuse tube should be replaced at the same time. When the porcelain fusion tube is damaged, it is not allowed to replace it with another material tube. When replacing the melt of a filler type fuse, attention should be paid to filling the filler.

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