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mini vs micro blade fuse.Development of SMD chip fuse market





  SMD chip fuses have been very popular in the domestic market in recent years, and they are on par with plug-in fuses. However, due to their small size and other advantages, SMD chip fuses have gradually occupied a place in daily life. Now, I will briefly explain the market prospects of SMD chip fuses.

  In its over 100 year history, small fuses have gone through multiple stages of development, including cylindrical, plug-in, axial or radial pin types. The surface mount fuse, which emerged in the 1990s, has developed to account for nearly 30% of the overall small fuse application market in less than 20 years, and is continuously expanding, replacing other traditional forms of fuses, indicating its strong vitality.

  With the vigorous development of the electronic industry, the small fuse market is showing a continuous growth trend, especially in 2015, where the development momentum is encouraging. The development of surface mount fuses is increasing day by day, accounting for one-third of the total market share in terms of quantity and amount.

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