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The Channel Dispute of LED and the Impact of Fuses.air conditioner fuse block pull-out replacement





  In the market, we often find that the application of fuses in LED is very extensive. Therefore, the impact of LED development in the industry is also a factor in the development prospects of fuses. The competition for LED channels will inevitably bring about a certain degree of decline or another decline in LED development. Therefore, today, let's take a look at the competition for LED channels.

  The channels in 2022 are very lively. With numerous LED lighting companies entering the market and traditional lighting brands expanding their domestic LED lighting sales channels, even home lighting brands are relying on their distribution points to extend their product lines to the LED lighting series. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce, as if a modern version of the "Spring and Autumn Warring States War" is being staged.

  The LED dispute is largely a channel dispute. Do traditional lighting enterprises have a greater advantage in channels compared to the emerging LED lighting new army? How should emerging LED companies compete with traditional lighting companies?

  When it comes to channel competition, the first point is that the advantages of traditional lighting channels still exist. Their channels have been established for many years, and this market value still exists. Industry insiders analyze that "for new LED companies, there is still a lack of channels, especially for projects with relatively large investments.

  The key to the unstable foundation of emerging LED is the issue of channels. In terms of the market, how do emerging enterprises compete with traditional enterprises? Still two words: down-to-earth. There is no shortcut to take. Being a small and medium-sized enterprise requires strong flexibility, while large enterprises may have a long planning cycle and launch time for emerging LED products.

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