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hisense tv fuse location.Introduction to the Application Fields of Chip Fuses





  Among various small fuses, SMD chip fuse is a type with high technological content. In recent years, driven by the application of portable products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and laptops, this type of product has gradually become popular. With the continuous reduction of prices and further improvement of production processes, as well as the expansion of application fields, the cost-effective advantage of SMD chip fuses will be favored by more OEMs.

  SMD patch fuses are widely used, particularly in portable electronic products, power converters, in car entertainment facilities, communication peripherals, and home audiovisual devices.

  Among them, portable electronic products cover a wide range, including mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, laptops, game consoles, PMPs, MP3s, learning machines, and so on;

  In terms of power converter applications, lithium battery protection boards and inverter protection for mobile phones and other products are currently the main application areas. These types of applications are widely used and account for a considerable share in SMD fuse applications;

  In terms of in car entertainment facilities, they include GPS navigation systems, in car televisions/radios/DVDs, etc. With the rapid development of the automotive electronics industry, the potential of these applications is also highly regarded by the industry;

  Applications on communication peripheral devices, including chargers, network access distribution lines, routers, modems, network cards, etc;

  In terms of household use, it is mainly concentrated in products such as LCD monitors/televisions, set-top boxes, etc.

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