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Definition of high-voltage cooper fuse box





  ISO-8820 and QC/T420-2004 standards define it as a fused protective device connected to a circuit that disconnects the circuit when the current exceeds the specified value and time. A fuse is a thermal response device, and the fuse or fuse in the fuse is made of a fusible alloy with high resistivity or a good conductor with a smaller cross-sectional area. In order to protect the wiring harness and other equipment, it is intentionally designed and manufactured as the weakest part of the circuit. Under normal working conditions, the fuse or fuse in the fuse will not blow; When a short circuit or severe overload occurs in the system, the fuse or fuse will immediately melt, thus protecting the circuit and electrical equipment

  In order to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle's electrical appliances and ensure the proper function of the fuse, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate type and specification. The selection of fuses involves the following factors: current characteristics applied to the fuse, voltage characteristics, environmental temperature of the fuse, installation size limitations, application lines, etc. When the external voltage and installation size are fixed, the selection of fuses mainly considers three factors: current characteristics, environmental temperature, and application line. From the perspective of application lines, the entire vehicle line can be divided into high voltage high current protection zones and medium and low voltage low current protection zones based on the strength of the current. In general, an electric vehicle uses 4-5 high-voltage fuses, mainly including motor controllers, air conditioning circuits, DC/DC, battery pack heaters, and other high-voltage high current equipment. An electric vehicle uses a large number of medium and low voltage fuses, mainly the central control box in the vehicle wiring, including lighting circuits, audio circuits, wiper circuits, and other electrical equipment. The medium and low voltage low current protection zone and fuse can be selected according to the standard conditions of traditional fuel vehicles.

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