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frigidaire window air conditioner fuse location.Precautions for using fuses and fuses





  1. The fuse is connected in series with the circuit, installed vertically, and installed on each phase line; Fuses are not allowed to be installed on the neutral line of a two phase three wire or three-phase four wire circuit.

  2. The power input terminal of the spiral fuse should be connected to the center point of the base, and the output wire should be connected to the threaded shell; This insurance is used in places with vibrations.

  When the power load is greater than 60A and the lighting or electric heating load (220V) is greater than 100A, a tubular fuse should be used.

  4. The voltage circuit and electrical control circuit of the electricity meter should be equipped with control fuses.

  5. Porcelain plugs shall be made of qualified lead alloy wire or copper wire, and multiple strands of fuse wire shall not be used instead of a large fuse wire.

  6. The fuse should be intact and undamaged, and the contact should be tight and reliable. In conjunction with the maintenance of the power distribution device, the contact should be checked for discoloration, deformation, and aging of the fuse. If necessary, the fuse should be replaced.

  After selecting the fuse, it is also necessary to check whether the selected fuse can protect the wire. If the cross-section of the wire is too small, it should be appropriately increased.

  8. The copper cap of the drop type fuse should hold the upper contact of the fuse tube at least 3/4, and there should be no damage or cracks on the surface of the fuse tube or melt.

  9. All fuses shall not be arbitrarily thickened or replaced with copper and aluminum wires.

  10. In new workshops, apartments, and buildings, multiple electricity meters should be installed at each entry point. In addition to installing a main fuse box and fuse at the entry point, separate fuses should be installed after each electricity meter.

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