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temperature regulating mattress protector.Professional knowledge of self restoring fuses





  The operating principle of a self-healing fuse is a dynamic balance of energy. The current flowing through the self-healing fuse generates a certain amount of heat due to the thermal effect of the current (self-healing fuses all have resistance values), and the generated heat is completely or partially dissipated into the environment. The heat that is not dissipated will increase the temperature of the self-healing fuse components. The temperature during normal operation is relatively low, and the heat generated and dissipated reaches a balance. The self-healing fuse element is in a low resistance state, and the self-healing fuse does not operate. When the current flowing through the self-healing fuse element increases or the ambient temperature increases, but if the balance between the generated heat and the emitted heat is reached, the self-healing fuse still does not operate. When the current or ambient temperature increases again, the self-healing fuse will reach a higher temperature. If the current or ambient temperature continues to increase at this point, the heat generated will be greater than the heat dissipated, causing a sudden increase in the temperature of the self-healing fuse element. At this stage, a small temperature change will cause a significant increase in resistance. At this point, the self-healing fuse element is in a high resistance protection state, and the increase in impedance limits the current. The current drops sharply in a short period of time, thus protecting the circuit equipment from damage, As long as the heat generated by the applied voltage is sufficient to dissipate the heat from the self-healing fuse element, the self-healing fuse element in a changing state can remain in operation (high resistance). When the applied voltage disappears, the self recovery fuse can automatically recover.

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