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Where are car plug-in fuses usually located in cars?slow fuse photography





  With the continuous upgrading and upgrading of many products, the current electronic products have increasingly high requirements for fuses. In order to protect the circuit safety of various products, fuses also need to be continuously improved. There are many types of fuses now, such as disposable fuses. Self restoring fuses, patches, inserts, and other fuses in different packaging can be applied to high-voltage and low-voltage working environments according to different types of fuses. Nowadays, fuses are becoming increasingly important in many electronic circuits.

  Insert fuses are common components in circuits, with a wide variety of unique functions, and are an important component of the normal operation of daily circuits. Insert fuses are also commonly used in automotive fuses, and automotive insert fuses are generally used for the following purposes.

  At various key points (or parts) of the car line, there are generally plug-in or tubular fuses, such as ceramic and special junction box types. Various, each with its own purpose.

  2. Generally, plug-in fuses are installed in places that are easy to install and replace. The fluctuation of line voltage (current) is relatively small, and except for special circumstances, it is generally not easy to burn and maintenance is more convenient.

  3. All kinds of insurance car companies have different design methods in terms of design. Some important lines in high-risk areas, even the insurance installed with high heat, also have higher requirements. Ordinary ones, such as some plug-in ones, cannot be replaced.

  4. Other plug-in fuses will be placed on the car accordingly, such as a safe, to facilitate the owner's usual emergency situations. Please refer to the relevant instructions in the user manual for details.

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