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What are the certifications for one-time blown fuses.littelfuse fast acting fuse.micro fuse vs mini fuse





  The certification for one-time blown fuses includes EU CE certification, US/Canada UL/UL certification, Germany VDE/TUV certification, Canada CSA certification, Japan PSE certification, China CQC certification, CCC certification, and so on. Customers need to apply for different product certifications based on the country of export. The most common certifications for one-time blown fuses are CCC certification, CQC certification, and UL certification, as there are relatively more customers who require these three certifications. Therefore, manufacturers will also prioritize applying for these certifications.

  The disposable fuse of the collector has passed UL certification, including disposable patch fuse 0603, disposable patch fuse 1206, disposable fuse 2410, as well as square and circular miniature fuses with certification number E486200.

  UL certification: UL is the abbreviation for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. in English. UL Safety Testing Institute is the most authoritative institution in the United States and a professional institution engaged in safety testing and certification worldwide.

  CUL certification: The CUL mark is an UL mark used for products circulating in the Canadian market. Products with this symbol have been certified to meet Canadian safety standards, which are basically the same as the standards cited by UL in the United States. Of course, there are also differences in the standards for certain products. For example, there are two sets of standards for handheld electric tools: UL45 is only applicable in the United States. UL745-1 is suitable for the United States and Canada. The two standards are similar and both originate from the International Electrotechnical Association IEC60745- Safety Standard for Handheld Motor Driven Tools. The CUL logo is widely used in household appliances, computer equipment, ventilation equipment, household anti-theft systems, and other types of products.

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