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Self recovery fuse for overcurrent protection on industrial control motherboard.air conditioner fuses near me





  1. Where is the self recovery fuse used?

  Self recovery fuses are used for overcurrent protection between motherboard power supplies, LCD displays for power overcurrent protection, and PGA core circuit overcurrent protection. They are mainly used in various levels of power supply and signal line short-circuit overcurrent circuits.

  2. What problems can self restoring fuses solve?

  The self recovery fuse mainly solves the following problems on the industrial control motherboard: 1. Internal short circuit overload protection problem; 2. External short circuit overcurrent protection issue.

  The industrial control motherboard is prone to heat generation due to prolonged continuous operation. In addition, there are power circuits and other circuits that experience excessive current due to faults, burning out critical circuits and chip equipment in the motherboard. Regardless of overload, short circuit, or incorrect power connection, it will cause a sharp increase in current in the circuit, communication lines, host decoding circuits, and subsequent equipment may burn out, so protection must be taken.

  Self recovery fuse

  3. How does a self restoring fuse compare to other fuses?

  In the circuit protection of industrial control motherboards, disposable fuses are also used for temperature protection, which is a traditional protection application scheme. The advantage of this scheme is its low cost. However, this application has gradually been phased out, and PTC self recovery fuses have been used instead. Due to the fact that disposable fuses only fuse for overcurrent overload and do not have automatic recovery function, it has caused great inconvenience to users.

  When ptc works normally, it has low resistance. When the motherboard exceeds the specified temperature or current, it will instantly become high resistance, timely limiting the current of the circuit and achieving the purpose of protecting the transformer. After power outage or troubleshooting, it automatically returns to low resistance and the motherboard returns to normal state.

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