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Self inspection method for waterproof fuse holder.ptc resettable fuse tutorial





  After a period of application, waterproof fuse holders are likely to encounter some difficulties. Therefore, in the case of application, it is necessary to frequently inspect them, and its appearance should be inspected first. Based on years of experience, Linda will provide the following:

  (1) Look at its appearance, feet, and surface areas. There are signs of rusting, deformation, or broken feet on the wood.

  (2) Check the surface of the waterproof fuse holder for any contamination or scratches.

  (3) To see if there are any deformation or cracks, and to ensure excellent practical application results throughout the entire application process, it is necessary to ensure that the appearance meets the requirements.

  It is not difficult to see from this that circuit safety is crucial, especially in hot summer when natural phenomena are still highly prevalent. Against this objective background, it is important to ensure the professionalism of circuit maintenance, especially in troubleshooting waterproof fuse holders.

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