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Action temperature of NEC Thermal cutoff.thermal controller alienware





  Operating temperature range: SF type is 73 ℃~240 ℃, SM type is 76 ℃~187 ℃. The rated current is 0 Various products ranging from 5A to 15A. The safety certification includes UL, CSA, VDE, BEBA, PSE, JET, CQC, etc. It meets the requirements of the European Union ROHS environmental protection directive. NEC Thermal cutoff has the function of detecting abnormal temperature and cutting off the circuit. It can detect abnormal temperature rise of household or industrial electrical products and quickly cut off the circuit in a timely manner, achieving the function of preventing fires from igniting. NEC Thermal cutoff is a kind of element that provides very reliable protection under the condition of overtemperature. It has small size, large overcurrent, non reset, stable performance, convenient installation, and a certain range of humidity settings and bearing capacity for selection to meet customer application needs. The products are widely used in various motors, copiers, fax machines, HID ballasts, fluorescent lighting ballasts, transformers, chargers, battery packs, heating appliances, electric irons, hair dryers, electric stoves, rice cookers, electric kettles, coffee pots, ventilation fans, electric fans, sewing machines, water heaters, power converters, power plug sockets, refrigerators, air conditioners, automotive air conditioners, instruments, equipment, etc. for over temperature protection.

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