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What are the types of Thermal cutoff.thermal protector recessed light





  Temperature controlled fuses are mainly used for circuit maintenance. When the temperature of household appliances exceeds the rated temperature of the fuse, they will automatically open the circuit breaker to avoid damage caused by excessive temperature. According to different composition methods, which types can temperature controlled fuses be classified? How to apply it correctly? Let's take a look!

  1. Organic type temperature control fuse.

  It consists of moving contact points, melt, and torsion springs. The principle is to improve the fluidity of the surrounding environment during operation, melt, weaken the ductility of the torsion spring, cause the left line to separate from the moving contact point, disconnect the current, and disconnect the circuit.

  2. Ceramic tube type temperature control fuse.

  This type of fuse is famous for its insulated porcelain tube. During operation, the temperature increases, causing the mixture to evaporate. After the dissolution point, the interfacial tension of the molten aluminum alloy increases and immediately closes from both sides of the wire, causing the current to break and creating a permanent disconnection of the control circuit.

  3. Square shell temperature control fuse.

  This type of fuse uses a unique resin wrapped fusible gold wire, which is then connected to the current of the fuse. During the working process, after the circuit is connected, the temperature increases, the fusible aluminum alloy melts, and the interface tension increases. After the rated temperature, the transmission line is disconnected and the circuit is disconnected.

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