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mini blade fuse tap design.What are the application areas of glass tube fuses





  1. According to the protection form: overcurrent protection and overheating protection. The fuse used for overcurrent protection is commonly referred to as a fuse (also known as a current limiting fuse). Fuses used for overheating protection are generally referred to as "temperature fuses". Temperature fuses are also divided into low melting point alloy type, temperature sensing contact type, and memory alloy type, etc. Temperature fuses are used to protect against excessive temperature changes in heating appliances or Yi Ge heating appliances, and their working principle is different from "current limiting fuses" The melting of temperature fuse melts is independent of the operating current of the circuit.

  2. According to the scope of use: power fuse, machine tool fuse, electrical instrument fuse (electronic fuse), automotive fuse.

  3. According to the rated voltage level: high-voltage fuse, low positive fuse, and safety voltage fuse.

  4. According to breaking capacity: high breaking capacity fuse, low breaking capacity fuse.

  5. According to shape: flat head tubular fuse (also divided into internal and external welding fuses), pointed head tubular fuse, blade fuse, spiral fuse, plug-in fuse, flat fuse, tamper fuse, and patch fuse.

  6. By material: glass fuse, ceramic fuse.

  7. According to the melting speed: ultra slow fuse (-: usually represented by TT), slow fuse (- usually represented by T), medium fuse (usually represented by M), fast fuse (usually represented by F), and ultra fast fuse (-~usually represented by FF).

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