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SEFUSE Thermal cutoff.thermal overload protector in motor





  Precautions for installation of SEFUSE Thermal cutoff: 1. When the lead wire is bent for use, it should be bent from the part more than 6mm from the root; When bending, it is not allowed to damage the roots and leads, and it is not allowed to forcefully pull, press, or twist the leads. 2. When the thermal fuse is fixed by screws, riveting, or wiring terminals, it should be able to prevent mechanical creep and the occurrence of poor contact. 3. The connecting components should be able to work reliably within the working range of the electrical product, without displacement due to vibration and impact. When conducting wire welding operations, the heating humidity should be limited to the minimum, and attention should be paid not to apply high temperatures to the thermal fuse; Do not forcefully pull, press, or twist the thermal fuse and leads; After welding, it should be immediately cooled for more than 30 seconds. 5. The thermal fuse can only be used under the specified rated voltage, current, and specified temperature conditions, especially paying attention to the maximum continuous temperature that the thermal fuse can withstand. Note: The nominal current, lead length, and temperature can be designed according to customer requirements.

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