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Brief Description of Self Recovery Fuses in SMD does a resettable fuse work





  SMD self recovery fuse features:

  1. Meet RoHS requirements

  2. EIA size: 0805-2920   3. Maintain current range: 0.05-3.0A

  4. The voltage level ranges from 6V to 60V, meeting the needs of computers and various electronic applications

  5. Small pad size

  6. Fast action time

  7. Low impedance

  8. Working voltage range: -40~+85 ℃

  9. Safety certification: UL/cUL/TUV

  10. Small size, sturdy structure, and convenient for automated installation

  11. With a wide variety and complete specifications, it can replace imported models such as Raychem, LITTLEFUSE, BOURNS, AEM, etc

  Application range of patch self recovery fuse:

  1. Computers and peripheral devices

  2. Mobile phone battery pack

  3. Automotive Electronics

  4. Power supply unit

  5. Communication system

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