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Performances and Features

Utilize the dished dual bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element. When the temperature raises to the preseted temperature, the bimetal disc jumps and enable the contacts to act, The contacts won’t reset automatically when the temperature falls, if reconnection is needed, just press the reset button, and then the contacts of the thermostat come back to the original state. The thermostat are characterised with Stabilized performance, high temperature controling precision, small bulk, light, high reliability, and little interference to wireless, etc.

Applications: The products are widly used for the purpose of temperature controlling to air conditioner, water dispenser, electrical kettles, water heater, shower, disinfecting cabinet, coffee kettles and rice cooker, etc. lt is used for the purpose of over - heat protection to other home electrical appliance, equipment at the same time.

Technical parameters

Electrical performance: 10A/250V resistance load;

Operating temperature range: 45-150℃ optional, manual reset type: tolerance of the operating temperature: ±(2.5-5%)℃;

Terminal type: 250#, insert terminal, bowlegged 0-90° angle, optional; 187# insert terminal bowlegged 0-90°angle, optional, thickness: 0.5mm, 0.8mm optional;

Durability: 10A/250V, 6000 cycles;

Electrical strength: no breakendown and flashover under AC 1500V for 1 min;

Contact resistance: ≤50 mΩ;

Insulation resistance: >100 MΩ;

Type: normal closed type: the contacts open when the temperature raises, manual reset;

Shell protection grade: IP00;

Grounding type: connect the metal shell of the thermostat with the grounded metal parts;

Installation type: the same as the auto reset type.


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○ Approvals

Press the reset button after the temperature falls 20℃ when the thermostat operates, and press should be around 4N and 6N.

In order to insure the thermostat can work in a normal condition, please keep distance no closer than 20.4mm between the reset button and the surface of the thermostat.