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Performances and Principle

As the load increases for the motor in motion, the water temperature within the water jacket of the motor will increase. lf the temperature is not adjusted in a timely manner, extra fuel consumption and machinery abrasion will be caused. lnstalled in the circuit of the motor cooling water, the thermostat can detect and sense the water temperature with in the water jacket of the motor. When the temperature is high beyond some preset point, the built-in components of the thermostat begins to work and overcome the elasticity of the spring until the valve is opened, then the high temperature water will flow through the thermostat into the radiator for cooling. and return in to the water jacket to cool down the motor. And furthermore, whenever the water temperature decreases to regular standard point, the valve will be closed with the function of spring of the thermostat. hence the motor is protected under work.


Before instaling please check whether product specification launch machine with you to went with or not should; 

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Application and Specifications

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ApplicationTenperature specifications
Apply a water cooling type motorcycle, sandy beach car etc.40℃-90℃