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Plastic Shell


Structure and Application

KSD9700 series product is a kind of thermostat which adopt the bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element. The bimetal disc is in free state and the contacts are closed /open when the electrical appliance is working in normal condition, when the ambient temperature raises to the preset operating temperature, the contacts open/close as the bimetal disc deforms to jump when being heated, then the circuit is cut off/on to control the temperature. Then the contacts will close automatically to cut on the circuit when the electrical appliance is cooled down to the reset temperature, This product is widly used in home appliance’s motor and electrical equipment, such as air conditioner motor, transformer, thermal appliances, etc.


Please keep the cap firm with the installation surface of the controlled appliance when install, please wipe conduction silicon grease to the sensing surface order to insure effect of the temperature sensing.

Never collapse or deform the plastic or metal shell during installation in order to avoid any influence to its performance.

In order to avoid the creepage and insure security while using, do not throw away or crush the insulating sleeve when install

the thermostat with metal shell.

For products used in circuit at no more than 5A current, please choose the lead with cross-section surface of copper core

falls within 0.4-0.75mm² for connection .

Keep the product in clean dry warehouse at good ventilation and free of corrosive gas and with relative humidity less than 90% and ambient temperature under 40℃.

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