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Product Performance and Principie

The KSD307 series thermostats produced by our company are fully shell-sealed bimetal disc contact temperature relay. The bimetal disc curves within preset temperature range for circuit disconnection or connection so that the electric appliance is protected. The temperature point for disconnection or connection can be customerized.

Applications: This series of products are suitable for thermos flask, thermal equipments, electric welding machine and steam generator, etc.

Technical Parameters

Function: Temperature protection and over-heat protection.

Electric parameters: AC205V, 50-60Hz, 45A

Highest environmental Temperature: 180℃

Working temperature range: 40℃-150℃

Temperature tolerance: ±3℃、±5℃(can be customerized)

Durability: CQC 6,000 cycles

Regular isolation resistance: > 300 MΩ

Regular contact resistance: ≤50 MΩ

Regular electric strength: AC1500V for 1minutes without puncture, flashover;

Shell protection grade: IP00

lsolation materials PTI value: PTI175


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○ Approvals

The metal face side should be placed tightly with the installation surface of the equipments to be controlled when the installation of contact temperature detection is adopted.

Don’t distort the shell cover in installation to avoid performance decrease.

Don’t let liquid go into the temperature controller to avoid the electric reliability.

Please connect the cable correctly in accordance with the instruction signs.

Keep the product in clean dry warehouse at good ventilation and free of corrosive gas and with relative humidity less than 90% and environment temperature under 40℃.