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Product Performance and Principie

The KSD 305 series thermostats produced by our company is a snap action SPST thermostat which adopt the bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element, being made of insulating case, metal cover, bimetal disc, contactors, mechanical spring, pin, l pole normally closed switch. When the ambient temperature raises to the preset operation temperature, the bimetal disc deforms to jump and press the pin ,make the two contactors separated , making the original closed switch open then. The open temperature can be designed as client request. When the contactors open, it need manual reset.

Applications: This series products are used in electric water heater, electric heating equipment, electric welder, steam generator and other high power electric equipments that need to be protected.

Technical Parameters

Product model: KSD 305;

Rated electeic performance: AC 250V/50Hz, ≤40A(Resistive Load);

Reqular electric strength: AC 50Hz 1500V/1min without puncture, flashover;

Regular isolation resistance: > 300 MΩ

Contact type: SPST;

Type: Normally closed, temperature raises, contactors open;

Durability: CQC 6000 cycles;

Operation temperature range: 55℃-140℃;

Temperature tolerance: ±3℃、±5℃(can be customerized);

Connection type: Fastening screw;

Structure: Built-in;

Shell protection grade: IP00;

PTl of insulating material: PTI 175:

Heating and fire resistance: B


● Pending

○ Approvals

Adopt contact feeling temperature installation, Please keep the metal cap firm with the installation surface of the heating element when installing.

Don't distort the metal cap in installation to avoid pertormance decrease.

Don’t let liquid go into the temperature controller to avoid the electric reliability and creepage damage. 

Please connect the cable correctly in accordance with the instruction signs, The used rated current should be less than 40A.

Keep the product in clean dry warehouse at good ventilation and free of corrosive gas and with relative humidity less than 90% and environment temperature under 40℃.