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surface mount fuse manufacturer.Selection Techniques for Chip Fuses





  Firstly, normal current: Firstly, we must know the fuse that flows through the circuit chip used in normal current. Usually, we need to reduce the difference between the predetermined amount and then follow the selection principle: the normal current must be less than the rated current and the product's derating factor.

  Secondly, the fusing current: According to UL standards, Shenzhen patch fuses (fuses) should be able to quickly operate at twice the rated current. But in most cases, to ensure reliable fuses, we recommend that the fusing current be greater than 2.5 times the rated current. In addition, the fusing time is very important, and a judgment must also be made based on the manufacturer's fusing characteristics.

  Thirdly, short-circuit current: the maximum current value, when we call it the short-circuit current of a short circuit. The rated breaking capacity of various fuses is necessary, and we must be careful not to choose fuses with circuit currents exceeding the rated breaking capacity. If you choose a fuse with a small circuit capacity, there is a possibility of the fuse breaking or causing a fire.

  Fourthly, impulse current: The impact of the observed current waveform (pulse current waveform) and I2t value (Joule integral value), and the energy calculation. The magnitude and quantity of the impact of the current on the effectiveness of the fuse vary. The current value of I2t I2t value that affects the fuse and determines the number of single pulse surge current fuse resistors for time.

  Fifth, open circuit voltage: The open circuit voltage should generally be selected to be less than the rated voltage. For example, a circuit with a rated voltage of AC100V and DC24V fuse can ignite a fuse or cause the patch fuse to rupture.

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